Epic Marketing Fails: An Encore Presentation

Posted by admin • May 2, 2012

Global Marketing Fails Although failures occur in every form of marketing, few have created as many embarrassments as global marketing. Marketing across cultural borders opens the door for all kinds of mix ups and mistakes. Unfortunately, when you take your marketing into other regions, your message can easily get…lost in translation. Here are some of… Read More

Epic Marketing Fails: Providing a Laugh and a Lesson (Part One of Three)

Posted by admin • April 26, 2012

Poorly thought out placards can unintentionally create a citywide bomb scare. Advertising with graffiti can enrage an entire town. A poorly translated slogan can make your company the laughingstock of a nation. They sound crazy, but these are some of the true and outrageous lessons that major companies have had to learn from failed attempts… Read More