A Small Business CEO’s Take on B2B Public Speaking

Posted by Mworks740 • August 7, 2015

Marketing Works founder and CEO, Brenda Stier-Anstine, is respected for her natural ability to connect, influence and lead. A frequent guest presenter and spokesperson, she’s at ease on and off the stage.  I sat down to chat with her about public speaking in the B2B sphere. What should B2B companies know about public speaking? It’s… Read More

Small Business Success: A Surprisingly Accurate Fortune…

Posted by admin • March 26, 2012

Those who follow Marketing Works on Twitter and Facebook may have noticed a posting we put up the other day with a picture of a fortune that our CEO, Brenda, pulled out of a fortune cookie over the weekend. “You will be unusually successful in business,” it read. Most of us have a tendency to… Read More