Mapping the Customer Journey

Posted by Mworks740 • July 17, 2015

The state of brand-consumer relationships hasn’t been too hot, according to a recent Silverpop webinar, “Using Customer Journey Planning to Drive Your Digital Marketing Success.” In the ideal relationship, both parties are on the same page. Recent data shows that brands and consumers are pages apart, if not in completely different books. This scary reality… Read More

Webinars Part 2: 3 Tips to Plan a Successful Webinar

Posted by Mworks740 • September 29, 2014

How do you create an audience for your webinar? Reaching your audience directly through email or social media are most common ways to drum up interest in your webinar. By attaching a link, recipients can easily access your webinar and participate. Once you’ve targeted your audience, it’s time to prep. Here are 3 tips to… Read More

Webinars Part 1: How Webinars Can Help Your Brand

Posted by Mworks740 • September 22, 2014

Are you looking for a way to draw potential leads to your business? Consider hosting a webinar! Webinars offer a great way to reach a wide audience in a place that’s convenient for everyone. If you’re still on the fence, consider these three ways webinars can help your brand: Encourage leads. What better way to… Read More

Optimizing PowerPoint: An untapped resource

Posted by Mworks740 • July 16, 2012

If there is one aspect of the Microsoft Office Suite that I always enjoyed, it is PowerPoint. First introduced to me in high school, PowerPoint presentations were mainly used as visual supplements to a class presentation. Most students copied and pasted onto a pre-made template and were good to go in about 15 minutes. I,… Read More