The Importance of Social Media for Tech Marketers

Why use social media in the tech industry

Social media isn’t just for posting pictures of your pets and telling your followers what you ate for lunch. For technology marketers it’s a great tool to stay on the pulse of industry discussions and make key connections in your field.

A study found 55% of buyers go through social media to collect info and communicate with colleagues during their buying process. That means if you aren’t participating in the conversation, you’re missing out on crucial leads, the chance to engage prospects and strengthen bonds with your current clients.

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How to use social media in the tech industry

If you find yourself struggling to adapt to the social media world, you’re not alone. In a study performed by ITSMA (Information Technology Services Marketing Association) the majority of marketers stated that their biggest problem was finding the time to commit to social media.

It’s important to integrate social media into your regular marketing process, so instead of looking at it as a chore, make it part of your every day responsibilities. The traditional methods of marketing are still very much relevant, but adding these will only enhance your lead generation practices.  If you’re not already on social media, using LinkedIn for the technology industry is your best place to start . The groups B2B Technology Marketing Community and Tech Marketing Best Practices are great places to begin building your online presence. And from there you can narrow down more specific areas of discussions to join that may relate better to your field.

Using social media to be found online

If you’d prefer to take a more active role in your social media quest, try writing a blog offering your expert perspective on what’s happening in the tech industry. Creating original content has been found to give B2B tech marketers greater success in connecting with clients as well. Make sure to post on a regular basis in order to build up your followers, and if you haven’t already, give yourself a crash course in SEO to enhance your search success.

It’s been found that when prospects identify a need they’re more likely to do research themselves as opposed to responding after a solution provider has contacted them. Establishing a social media presence will better increase your chances of either having a connection with the buyer or offering them information they’ll find helpful.

What successful social media tactics have you used for tech marketing?

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