Top 5 Gifts to Give a Marketer

The holiday clock is ticking and there’s only so much time left to pick up that perfect gift for those you care about. But are you at a loss on what item to give the marketer in your life? Don’t worry; this list is here to save the day. Here are the top five gifts to give a marketer this holiday season:



  1. For The Love of Marketing Hoodie – Who doesn’t love to pull on a comfortable hoodie during the winter and get lost in a few marketing research studies? And your marketing friend will love it even more when they find out it’s from Hubspot.
  2. Customized Twitter Window Decal – For the social media pro who constantly has likes, comments and retweets on the brain, give them the chance to broadcast their most prized possession to the world: their Twitter handle. This decal can be put anywhere on a flat surface, so don’t be surprised if you see it more than once around the office.
  3. Subscription to Pandora or Spotify – An invaluable part of getting through those long work days (and nights) is music. And who wants to be bothered by pesky commercials anyways? Studies have found that those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t. Purchasing a subscription means you are giving your marketer a very happy commercial-less and music-filled New Year.
  4. QR Wrapping Paper – For the digital marketer on your list who still believes in the power of QR codes, surprise them with a gift wrapped in videos, accessed with just a push on their cell phone. Behind every QR code is an original holiday video that can’t be seen anywhere else. And don’t be disappointed if they forget to actually open the gift that’s inside, the QR codes might be more than enough to entertain them.
  5. Mobile phone portable charger  – These are great for anyone who uses their phone like their life depends on it, but especially marketers. Constantly checking social media, blogs and news to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and information is only second nature. This is the perfect gift to ensure that your marketer won’t be stuck without power the next time there is no outlet to be found.

What are you giving your marketing pal this season?

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