Track your Efforts – 16 Analytic Tools for Twitter and Facebook and some of our Free Favorites

With companies pushing out millions of communications through social media everyday and those communications continually on the rise, how do you keep track of it all and how do you know what is working?

Starting a new business is tough and no business is a sure win, but you can take steps to give yourself a better chance. Among all the different approaches and areas you must address as a business owner, social media is one of them. Creating a precise, strategic social media plan is essential. Being able to track your efforts will not only boost your effectiveness, but also focus your energy on the biggest ROI opportunities.

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have basic analytic tools built into their system. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to use with your company’s website. However, did you know there are several more out there? Some are more complex then others and in turn cost more money. Here are a few of our free favorites:

Tweriod: Featured on the list of 9, Tweriod analyzes the best times for you to tweet. Maximizing your efforts by letting you know the best time to send out information, Tweriod takes a look at your followers’ tweets and yours to let you know when your target audiences will most likely read what you want them to.

Twentyfeet: This analytic tool is similar to Google analytics and works with Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts. Track important stats effortlessly; Twentyfeet will even get in touch with you when there is a significant change.

Here are lists of 9 analytic tools for Twitter and 7 analytic tools for Facebook that range from cleaning out your inactive contacts to automatically sending a predefined tweet to people talking about certain keywords and grading your profile to keeping track of your competitors growth.

What other social media analytic tools are out there?


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