Utica Shale Congress 2012 in Columbus

Heard the buzz about Utica Shale? As connectors and advocates for economic development, we’re passionate about sharing information and resources that may play a role in moving organizations forward. If you follow the news, the emergence of the Utica Shale boom, is one of the most exciting and potentially profitable opportunities to hit the mid-west since the gold rush.

Columbus is the host for the upcoming Utica Shale Congress. Have no clue what the Utica Shale is? Let us tell you about it.

Utica shale conference columbus, oh

2011 was an amazing year for Utica Shale, a rock found right here in Ohio which has the potential to become a massive natural gas resource. The precious rock made seven deals in the area worth $6.7 billion, up from only one billion the year before. The Utica Shale Congress 2012 is a chance for individuals to meet and discuss the amazing potential of what may be one of the last untapped Shales in North America.

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Here’s a quick breakdown:

What is it?

The Utica Shale Congress is the first operator-oriented initiative dedicated entirely to unlocking Utica’s liquid-rich potential.

When is it? April 30 – May 1, 2012

Where is it? Right here in Columbus at the Sheraton Hotel located downtown at 75 East State Street.

Who will be there? VPs, Directors and technical experts from the leading Utica operators. Among those attending are Burleson LLP, Gold Spur Trucking LLC, Schlumberger, Hull & Associates, and over 25 senior industry speakers.

Why you should go: This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a new industry, meet new prospects, and become educated on emerging trends.

To learn more, visit http://www.utica-shale-congress.com/

Tell us how you will utilize the Utica Shale Congress coming to Columbus in the comments below.

As attendees ourselves, we look forward to seeing you there!


Utica Shale Congress May 2012

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