Venture Highway CEO, Kevin Gadd, featured in entrepreneurial edition of ONN-TV’s Ohio Means Business

Kevin Gadd, CEO Venture HighwayNew congratulations go out to Kevin Gadd, founder and CEO of Venture Highway, who was recently interviewed on ONN-TV’s Ohio Means Business. In the interview, Gadd discusses Venture Highway’s operations and future with Mike Kallmeyer, host of the bi-weekly show. Even The Columbus Dispatch took notice of the interview, featuring an excerpt of the interview in the Sunday edition of The Columbus Dispatch on September 18! Continue reading for quoted material from the article or feel free to watch the entire  interview on ONN-TV’s website (Episode 213).


Interview excerpt via The Columbus Dispatch:

Q: Tell us about Venture Highway. Is it really a road map?

A: Absolutely. It’s meant to be a road map. We map where folks come in with their business — from beginning the business and coming up with an innovative idea, all the way through testing the viability of that idea, though planning, through operations of the business, and then, eventually, through exiting the business.

So, wherever you are on the highway, you can come in, learn more about that particular piece in the life cycle of your business, and then move it to where you want to go.

Q: You’re the architect of this highway, so to speak. Were there things you learned through your college career and your business career that prompted you to say, “I’ve got to put this in here, because kids need to know this”?

A: Yeah, I’d spent a number of years at TechColumbus, here in Columbus, as an incubator. I helped a lot of people raise money, start their business, grow their business — did a lot of coaching. And there were a lot of things that I thought we needed at that point, as well as a way to sit back and manage all of those companies in your portfolio.

That’s kind of where we started the business. (Then) we connected with Dr. Alvarez at Ohio State and realized that that same kind of methodology would work in the classroom.

Q: Venture Highway’s not a one-time, one-semester thing, right? Students take it with them?

A: That’s right. We think that that’s something new. They can still go into the system even after the (course) is over — because entrepreneurship, if you’re really going to go into it, is a life thing.

Kevin Gadd is CEO and Founder of Venture Highway, a company that specializes in the creation and distribution of online educational products used in the teaching of entrepreneurship.

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