What I’ve Learned From My Internship So Far

As a recent graduate, I wondered how I would feel when many of my younger friends started school in the fall, while for the first time in four years I wouldn’t be driving down to Athens to begin another semester. Lucky for me, around that same time I started my own different version of school, an internship here at Marketing Works. It’s been a wonderful learning experience so far, and even luckier for me, I’m not required to take Philosophy of Logic to get through it!


And just like school, once fall rolls around everything starts to go a lot faster. In my first week I wrote a blog post discussing some of the excellent advice I received from the MW team, and now halfway through my internship I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned so far.

  1. There is more to social media than retweets and comments– While running various MW accounts I have been shown a whole other side to social media that offers a lot of hard data, and great ways to track and study how successful you are. Many of our clients request social media assistance as well; proving social media is an important part of B2B marketing.
  2. Things move fast in the B2B world– Whether it’s an urgent client request or a high profile company merger, you have to always be prepared for the next email or phone call you might get. I’ve seen the team handle a marketing or printing crisis with skill, and their actions have taught me how crucial it is to know your client completely in order to handle anything that may come up.
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate– There are a lot of moving parts and pieces at Marketing Works, but constantly keeping everyone in the loop is what makes it all work so well. Each person brings their own strengths to the team and it’s been great watching them come together in different marketing related scenarios.

Halfway through an internship can be an interesting position, you’ve probably gained more responsibility but you’re still on a learning curve. What advice would you give to interns at their halfway point? Tell us in the comments below!

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