Marketing Works believes your goals can best be met if a cohesive, outcomes-focused business-to-business marketing strategy is put into place – whether it’s to increase revenue or streamline operations.

Our MW-360° IDEA process does just that by combining research and strategic thinking to build a clearly defined approach based on how you define success. The process includes four primary steps:

  1. Identify: Discover opportunities and what resonates with audiences
  2. Define: Determine strategy and align messaging
  3. Engage: Use online and offline initiatives to capture and convert audiences
  4. Assess: Benchmark and continuously measure outcomes


Each relationship begins with an MW-360° assessment to ensure our clients are positioned to maximize their marketing and communications investments and prioritize which initiatives provide the greatest value to the business.


We meet with members of your marketing and sales team and, if appropriate, divisional leaders or other executives for  interactive discussions on the following:

  • Success barometer – how do you define success
  • Organizational overview – current state, review of value proposition, offerings
  • Target markets – ideal and current clients;  current and desired market perceptions
  • Competitive assessment – top tier competitors and your competitive differentiators
  • Issues and trends assessment
  • Marketing/sales mix to reach desired goals

Other key activities to uncover market perceptions, trend opportunities, strengths and potential gaps include:

  • Interview current/prospective/former customers and referral sources to hear in their words what makes your organization special
  • Review multiple competitors to understand positioning, targets and stated differentiators
  • Assessment of market trends, triggers and factors influencing customer decisions
  • Audit existing sales and marketing assets, including collateral, website(s), presentations, videos, email campaigns, etc.
  • Review of existing research and data regarding customers and the buying journey

When and What

Once scheduled, the assessment takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete and present the findings.

After the MW-360° IDEA process is complete, you will have a scalable model and marketing plan in place that leverages your strengths. While we customize the process for each client, what follows is an overview of the key deliverables typically included:

  • Discovery session that provides realignment/validation of positioning, ideal customer and engagement opportunities
  • Qualitative feedback from current/former/prospective customers and referral sources
  • Understanding of competitive positioning and market trends
  • Assessment of current sales/marketing assets
  • Findings and insights based on outcomes of discovery session, market research and qualitative feedback
  • Solidification of ideal customer profile
  • Overarching positioning and messaging
  • Messaging framework that conveys your three pillars (differentiators) and key message statements
  • Detailed, actionable marketing and communications strategy and support initiatives
  • High-level action plan that defines priorities, timing and key performance indicators


  • Assess if your marketing strategy aligns with organizational goals
  • Gain insight into new opportunities to move the needle
  • Uncover potential barriers to achieving your goals
  • Receive consultative insight from a team of marketing experts
  • Mitigate risk in choosing a potential marketing partner

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