At Marketing Works, culture is the boss. It’s tangible. It informs the way we build our team, talk on the phone, write emails, brainstorm and develop strategy. And it’s manifested in our core values—four ideals we live and breathe.

 We get it. We’ll never know your business as well as you do, but we look at it through a different lens and apply our experiences in all sorts of industries to help you move the needle. It means we study hard, think smart, and understand where you’re headed so we can help you get there.

We do what it takes. Work ethic is in our blood.  We believe anything is possible when you roll up your sleeves and work hard. If someone says it can’t be done, we find a way.

We do the right thing. Integrity is at the root of our actions and decisions.  We’re committed to doing right by everyone. It’s the Golden Rule, and we take it seriously.

We care. That means we’re there when you need us.  Whether it’s because you’re overwhelmed, or because you aren’t feeling well, or maybe you need a kick in the butt. Some might say that’s touchy-feely.  Okay, we accept that.  And we embrace it.  We care—simple as that.

The reason we’re in business?  To be a conduit of success for everyone we touch.  That goes for clients, partners, associates, servers, cashiers, mechanics and strangers.  When we say “everyone,” we mean everyone!

The 3-legged stool that keeps us solid, balanced and unique?  Marketing Works is proud to say we are:

  • Values-based.
  • Strategy focused.
  • A Conduit to Success.