Why Energy Companies Must Showcase Expertise, and How

The energy industry is regulated with rigorous laws and stipulations that consistently undergo review and updates. Due to the complicated nature of the industry and its laws, companies that provide services to energy producers must showcase expertise and experience in order to break through the clutter.

Energy Marketing

Highlighting your knowledge and how your company has successfully worked with other producers in the energy sector can aid your efforts of striking up new and meaningful conversations, relationships and business opportunities. Here are a handful of ways you can highlight your professional abilites

1. Case Studies: The most straight forward approach is to develop project overviews that demonstrate exactly how you’ve previously solved client issues. Include an overview of the situation, project goals, your solution strategy and overall outcomes.

2. Client Testimonials: Talk with clients and capture their feedback on your abilities and services. Ask permission for use of their commentary and add the positive quotes on your website, in your collateral, in your statement of qualifications, in RFPs and on your case studies. This shows your ability to grow relationships and trust with your partners.

3. Expert Source Kits: Don’t forget to showcase the expertise of your personnel. A professional compilation of employee bios, professional accomplishments, accreditations and association memberships can position your company and its people as topnotch. .

4. Thought Leadership: Having employee-written articles published in leading trade magazines, technical journals or association newsletters can help highlight your in-depth industry knowledge and key personnel. Additionally, having employees present or participate on panels during industry tradeshows can position your company in the public eye as the go-to expert.

5. A Company Blog: Regularly posting industry updates, providing commentary on energy issues and discussing new developments through a blog on your website will showcase to site visitors that you have a pulse on the market. Stay up to date and use the blog as an outlet for regular communication.

These ideas represent a handful of ways to strategically position you to prospects and the public. How else do you display your expertise?

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