Why I am Interning with Marketing Works

I was raised with the mindset that life is a blessing, so make every day count!  That is exactly what I am doing today, as I begin my journey with Marketing Works.  My name is Sarah Hurd and for the next three months, I have the pleasure of interning with one of the best!   As an industry leader and an expert in their field, it was an opportunity that I simply could not refuse.

I have purposed to live my life with adventure, and today I get to add Marketing Works to that list.  I have the opportunity to learn from a company that specializes in a wide variety of services.  Whether it is branding, event planning or even corporate culture development, there is no doubt that Marketing Works is an expert in central Ohio.  You can trust them to tell your story and come along side of you to accomplish YOUR goals.

There are two things that stand out to me about this company.  First, is their desire to be stewards of others and the second, is their value for integrity.  This sums up why I am here.  Not only do I admire this company, but I will be able to passionately utilize my experiences, gain more insight into my future, challenge my limits and become a stronger, better-rounded professional.


I cannot wait to dive in, gain hands on experience and better yet, learn!  Thank you Marketing Works for another adventure.  I look forward to these next three months.

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