Wufoo: Who knew?

Today I bring you a new blog post on Wufoo. What’s that? Wufoo is an easy-to-use web app that helps anybody build amazing online forms. This online-based service automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed. With all the hard programming taken care of, collecting and understanding your data is easy. Best of all, there is minimal effort and extreme cost efficiency.

While you may not have heard of Wufoo, there are several big name companies using this app including Amazon, Microsoft and National Geographic. While each is using it a bit differently, Wufoo’s extensive features allow any company to use the service to fit their individual needs. The ability to customize forms is extensive, but there is also a wide variety of ready-to-use templates. For us, the best feature is the ability to easily embed the forms (website, Facebook, email) and pull detailed reports.

Here are a few ways we’ve recommended Wufoo form use for our clients in the B2B arena:

  • Contact form
  • Mailing list
  • Survey
    • Customer satisfaction, industry intelligence
    • Job application
    • Event registration
      • Workshop, tradeshow reception

How do you use online forms at your company? Could Wufoo make it easier for you?

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