3 Tips for Having a Happy & Healthy Fourth of July

Celebrating Independence Day with family and friends always comes with the pleasure of experiencing great fireworks, delicious food and the outdoors. Although it’s important to have fun and revel in our carefree spirits, we should not forget about our safety and wellbeing. There is plenty of safety information available to us surrounding fireworks, food and common Fourth of July activities we all enjoy.

Here are some valuable tips to help keep us safe and healthy during this year’s celebration:

  1. Firework safety 101 –Did you know that sparklers are the number one cause of firework injuries that result in a trip to the ER? According to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta they are, and they burn up to 2000 degrees – extremely hot! An easy way to prevent an injury from sparklers is to monitor the use of them very closely. Don’t let your children play with them without your presence. In addition, avoid experimenting with homemade fireworks. The safest route you can take is enjoying the fireworks from a good distance.
  2. Avoid a BBQ recall – We all know BBQs and grilling out are the most      popular way of preparing food in the summer – especially when celebrating the Fourth of July. When it comes to grilling, make sure you are cooking food thoroughly without burning it. According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, charred meat is covered in cancer- causing HCAs. MD Anderson also warns us that over-eating hotdogs can cause damage to our DNA. As an alternative, try to incorporate a mix of healthier foods – like fruit and vegetables – to your plate. If you’re interested in more safe grilling tips, visit the FDA  website.
  3. Make your party childproof – I know that at our Fourth of July parties there are a lot of games played outside, including the tree swing that left me a few bruises. It’s important to monitor all outdoor activities to prevent regretful incidents. Don’t forget your sunscreen! It’s also important to avoid spending too much time in the sun and to always protect your skin from getting burnt. If you’re celebrating near the water, check out these safety tips from the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention to help avoid water–related injuries.

Fourth of July is one of our favorite summer celebrations. We like to enjoy our time having fun in the sun, grilling out and experiencing the fireworks at night. We can still have a great time while staying cautious about our safety and health. Remember these tips and have a happy and healthy Fourth of July!


4th of July


Do you have any additional safety tips? Please share in the comments below!

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