4 Tips to Keeping Your Team Motivated, Productive & Happy in a ‘Work From Home’ Environment

Over the past decade, as technology has become more advanced and virtual communications have become the norm, more people have started working from home. In some industries, such as web development or consulting, is it very common for employees to work from the comfort of their house or apartment. With the current state of the world, however, many people are working from home for the first time. This brings challenges, one of the biggest being how to keep employees motivated and productive in this new working environment. Here are some of the steps Marketing Works has taken to combat these issues:



For one, it is more important than ever to clarify and reiterate your company’s mission and values.  The point of this is to communicate to your employees how vital they are to the overall business success, as well as reminding them that they are “the front line” of the business. Accomplishing this can be done virtually, such as sending emails or videos. You may also choose to send your team mission or values-driven reminders to their homes. This can be in the form of coffee mugs, mousepads, or other small gifts that have your company’s mission and values written on them.



Preventing low productivity can be a challenge when so many employees are working from home for the first time. It is important to take steps that encourage and empower your team, keeping their energy and attention where it matters. To do this, establish productivity goals and communicate them with your team. It is important to also set up a way to track and monitor these goals, so share your ideas on this with your team as well. Throughout all communication, one very important point to remember is to share that trust in your team and how we are all in this together. Doing these things will help build a better relationship between you and your employees.



Having regular routines will allow your team to feel some normalcy in an otherwise confusing time. Make sure to establish regular check-in times for both internal and external teams and clients. Doing so will allow everyone to plan better and allow them to have their days feel more similar to a traditional workday. For example, if you normally have a weekly team meeting on a specific day and time, try to keep it the same, just make it virtual instead of in-person.  



Some other tips for both managers and employees include stepping away from the computer regularly. Try taking a short walk, or do some stretches. This will relax your mind and body as well as minimize eye strain. It is also important to keep whatever space you use for work tidy. This means clearing away clutter, as well as having all the materials you may need for the day nearby. Social media use can be a big problem when working from home, so try shutting your phone off or putting it in another room while working on a project, and encourage your team to do the same. Lastly, the traditional eight-hour workday may not be the most effective for some team members. To fix this, encourage spreading work out throughout the day and taking more regular breaks. Doing so will allow team members to work at times more constructive for them.


Here are some other resources that you may find useful, which include tips and insights on the best ways to work from home:

At Marketing Works, we will remain committed to providing the best service for all of our clients as well as following all of the recommended practices to contain the spreading of COVID-19. Please continue to support local businesses as best you can and let us know if there is any way we can help you or your organization.

Best regards and be well! 

Bill Kiefaber

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