5 Fun Team Building Activities in Columbus

Developing a positive company culture is one of the most vital aspects to keeping your team happy and productive. Columbus is a fun, dynamic hub for all ages and interests, so there’s no shortage of places and activities for your team to bond over!

1. Try out a new recipe at a cooking class.

Experience Columbus has a list of six cooking class “hot spots” in Columbus. Bonding over food allows your team plenty of time to get to know each other in a relaxed setting without having to rush back to a meeting. Plus, you’ll get to eat delicious homemade food!

Bonus: The Marketing Works team enjoyed an outing to Woodhaven Farm in Johnstown, OH and can advocate for a great time!

2. Try a new restaurant in one of the proclaimed “Five Secret Foodie Cities” at Easton, Polaris or the Short North.

For a quick activity to build some positivity into your team’s day, suggest a lunch or dinner outing. Easton, Polaris and the Short North have numerous diverse options for all types of foodies, making it easy to find a place that everyone can enjoy.

Bonus: Make a game of not talking about work, and the first person to mention a client or project has to buy dessert.

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 3. Race go-karts at Magic Mountain.

There are tons of fun activities at Magic Mountain, and your team will enjoy engaging in friendly competition while racing each other in go-karts, seeing who can get the first hole-in-one during miniature golf, trying out your sports skills at the batting cage, and much more.

Bonus: There are two locations in the Central Ohio area, making it convenient for businesses to enjoy the fun.

4. Check out the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium’s new Heart of Africa exhibit.

The Columbus Zoo, named USA Travel Guide’s number one zoo in the country, opened their Heart of Africa exhibit in May. Check out lions, cheetahs, zebras and more than 9,000 other exciting animals that call the zoo home.  The Columbus Zoo provides a great opportunity to walk around and enjoy time out of the office with your team.

Bonus: The Zoo’s new exhibit includes opportunities for your team to feed the giraffes and ride the camels.








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5. Bounce around at Sky Zone indoor trampoline park.

Located in Lewis Center, Sky Zone features a gigantic room of trampoline courts for just about any age, size and physical ability. The trampolines bordering the edge of the room are angled for a whole new bouncing experience. The facility offers open jump, a Foam Zone and occasionally 3-D Dodgeball.

Bonus: Sky Zone also offers group fitness classes, so your team can get fit while having a great time!


What are your favorite bonding activities to do with your team? Suggest more to add to our list in the comments below!

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