Grow Sales with the Lead Generation “Machine”

Posted by Bill Kiefaber • August 25, 2021

Many companies suffer from unpredictable sales. And, as sales begin to slow, management invariably begins to focus on the bottom of the sales funnel. But the fact is, they’re looking in the wrong place. Problems at the bottom of the funnel almost always start at the top with poor quality leads, unpredictable lead flow, or… Read More

How to Maximize SEO in Zendesk

Posted by Sam Kowalski • July 8, 2020

Zendesk, a customer service company aimed at improving customer relationships with businesses, allows you to interact with customers by any channel they prefer (e.g., phone, chat, email, social, etc.). In addition to making the customer service experience as smooth as possible, Zendesk also allows companies to house their help centers and knowledge bases on the… Read More