A Fresh Face to Marketing Works

Hello Marketing Works and Friends!

My name is Matthew Balzer, and I am pleased to be newest member of the Marketing Works team. I am joining the team as a Marketing Communications intern for the next several months, and could not be more excited for this opportunity!

I am a recent graduate of The Ohio State University, where I studied International Globalization Studies with minors in Spanish and Business. I love dogs, soccer, music and I thrive on social interaction. I was an undergraduate member of the Smatthewbalzerigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and OSU Habitat for Humanity Chapter, among other organizations. I hope to use many of the skills I acquired at Ohio State to serve the needs of Marketing Works and their clients.

My interest in Marketing Works stems from family involvement in the Public Relations world. I have grown up admiring the work of many family members as they manage the public brands and relationships of different people and organizations. The most influential person for me is my uncle, Joe Lockhart, who helped with the image and brand management as Press Secretary for President Bill Clinton. I would love to use my skills and talents to help manage the relationships of Marketing Works clients.

During my time with Marketing Works, I would love to learn more about the everyday hustle and bustle of a noteworthy marketing agency. I am fascinated by the industry and am excited to acquire more knowledge about the skills necessary to succeed as a marketing professional.  I plan to use my social media skills, strong communication ability and relentless curiosity to benefit Marketing Works, while absorbing as much information as possible about the industry. Marketing Works has proven to be an extremely successful marketing agency, and I am grateful for the invaluable experience to work alongside the professionals who work here.

I am looking forward to learning from my new co-workers and clients!


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