A New Face for a New Season

Hi everybody!

I’m Kaitor Kposowa, a recent Ohio University graduate and also Marketing Works’ newest intern! After four years of cultivating a multimedia, multiperspective approach to communications, I’m now ready to apply that skill set to a summer marketing communications internship before entering the “real world.”

I enjoy fully immersing myself in as many media organizations as I can because I consider media a passion. Meet KaitorIt’s a way for me to express my love of people, new experiences and learning. While studying my masters of journalism at OU, I was a writer and assistant for the engineering college’s public relations team and a multimedia reporter for the Athens affiliate of PBS. I was also a producer of several broadcast television programs. Through these experiences, I’ve learned how to thrive in a wide range of communications contexts. I plan to bring this experience and understanding to Marketing Works this summer. I also hope to learn about account management, strategy development, positioning and the daily efforts of a high-end marketing agency.

So, why Marketing Works? I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed with their operation. They’re a growing, results-driven agency that sincerely cares about being a conduit to success for everyone they touch. They give all they can to make sure that once they identify a client’s unique situation, they not only provide a ready-to-go, multifaceted strategy, but assess the strategy afterward to ensure they really helped. This level of commitment and smart marketing is really impressive! Feel free to check out some of their most successful strategies and the awards they’ve won.

As an individual who’s always seeking to use my passions and abilities to benefit people, I totally agree with Marketing Works’ core values:

  • We get it
  • We do what it takes
  • We do the right thing
  • We care

I am proud to be interning at Marketing Works. If you have any questions about me or why I’m convinced this is such a great place to work, please ask!


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