A Summer of Experience

Hello, my name is Wil Intihar and I’m very excited to join the team as Marketing Works’ newest intern. I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of such a highly touted agency, where I can develop my skills in the business world and beyond.

I have always had a dream to work and be on a team like Marketing Works, that possesses a family-like environment and generates success. I can’t wait to work closer and explore what is arguably my biggest passion.

There are many aspects I hope to gain from this opportunity that I have been presented. I want to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes in order to have a successful agency, by incorporating social media and come away with a better understanding of digital marketing. I also want to learn the fundamentals of working in a fast-paced marketing agency.

What can I bring to the table? I will deliver a meaningful impact at Marketing Works with my open mindedness and my background in social media. My background in social media includes running the Twitter account for the Dublin Business Academy. I’m excited to learn how to more effectively incorporate social media use with marketing.

I’m also eager to engage with clients and help other companies out. I enjoy interacting with others and know my public interactions skills will lead to positive connections.

Outside of school and working some of my hobbies are sports, hiking and traveling. Being a Clevelander, nothing is better than going to an Indians or Browns game.

I can’t wait to get started! Thank you Marketing Works for this unbelievable opportunity. I’m eager to see the learning experiences that this internship will provide for me, and to be an asset to this agency.

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