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Hello everyone,

I’ve hit the halfway point in my Marketing Works internship and want to give you a quick update on how things are going. The headline: agency life is great! I always determine how much I like a work place by how I feel when I wake up in the morning. Every single day I’ve looked forward to coming here. I’m enjoying the variety of tasks, the mix of business and communications, and the talented professionals I work with. This is definitely not a coffee-making internship. I can honestly say I feel like an integral member of the team’s operation.

My primary responsibility is marketing our company through social media and blogs. After that, I have the opportunity to engage in as much current and prospective client work as I can handle. This means joining in on brainstorming sessions, creating media clip reports and executive profiles, attending a ton of meetings and conducting research. One of the most exciting projects so far was delivering cupcakes to local media on behalf of one of our clients (#ProjectCupcake). Not only was it fun, but it generated great results.Kaitor

There are three key lessons I’ve gathered so far. First, there’s definitely a need for marketing communications in this world. Industries that Marketing Works represent – workers’ compensation, energy, healthcare etc. – all have a strong suit, but they don’t necessarily have marketing communication expertise. That’s where we come in, using our vast experience to be a true partner to any B2B brand’s success.

Secondly, staying on top of things in a fast paced environment is no easy feat. Organization, prioritization, juggling multiple tasks and efficiency are skills I’m strengthening each day.

Lastly, culture is what truly drives the ship. When I got here, I was hearing all this talk about the importance of culture. While that talk is one of the reasons Marketing Works attracted me, it’s only after spending some time immersed in such a strong work culture that I fully realize it’s true. Our mix of impactful values, strategic business practices, result-driven goals and passionate individuals really differentiates us from other marketing agencies. We simply hope to be a conduit to success for everyone we touch.

Now that I’m starting to understand Marketing Works, I got to thinking, “How can I most significantly contribute?” It’s great to be able to assist with client work, but what more could I do? And it came to me: develop a social media strategy. Since I am responsible for social media, why don’t I make the most of that position by taking it to the next level? So one of my big goals for the second half of my internship is to create a strategy equipped with preliminary research, mission statement, measurable goals, engagement tactics and analytics. I’ve already started brainstorming ideas with the team. Wish me luck!

If you have any advice for me for the second half of my internship or want to know more about Marketing Works, please comment below!


Kaitor Kposowa



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