An Invaluable Experience

After five months working as a Marketing and Communications Intern with Marketing Works, the experience I have gained has been priceless. Throughout my time here, I have participated in a wide range and variety of client initiatives, working with a wonderful team to accomplish our clients’ goals. I am grateful for the opportunity to work closely with a team of experts and overall great people that work hard to be a conduit to success for everyone they interact with.

When I entered this internship, I only had past experience with in-house marketing initiatives. At Marketing Works, I was able to thrive in a fast-paced environment that involved keeping up with various clients with unique needs. I enjoyed working with the team to discover our clients’ needs, gain valuable insights into their business, and develop strategies and tactics to help them succeed in their industry.

I was also given the chance to develop a social media strategy for Marketing Works. Being able to take ownership of the content creation process was a valuable experience, allowing me to shape the agency’s public-facing social media pages to share our expertise and culture with others. Writing blogs about the latest marketing trends was also a great chance for me to apply my research and writing skills to develop relevant content for readers. I was happy to be able to contribute to the valuable expertise Marketing Works regularly shares with their audiences.

Most of all, I enjoyed working with an amazing team that lives out the values of Marketing Works. I will use the knowledge and expertise shared with me from the team in my future career as I continue to learn and grow in the marketing field. The experience I have gained here as an intern has directly contributed to my viability as a candidate for other marketing opportunities in Columbus. In March, I will be starting as a marketing specialist with a local healthcare provider. I firmly believe that everything I have learned from the team at Marketing Works was invaluable in helping me gain opportunities after graduating from The Ohio State University.

I am grateful for all I have learned and the relationships I have formed with the Marketing Works team, and I hope to stay in touch after my time here has ended. Special thanks to Bill, Melissa, Kelly, Valerie, Mary and the whole team!

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