Best Sales Tool for the Insurance Industry

Insurance sales representative send out mass mailings, attended networking events, conferences, fundraisers, and join country clubs all with the goal of building their book of business.

Technology has changed things and provided better options to manage connecting with interested buyers. And one very effective way is LinkedIn. With LinkedIn you can even combine old methods with new. You can reach out, connect, and engage with prospects you meet at events. Allowing you to nurture that relationship and build trust without leaving your office or you can choose to directly reach out on-line.

As you grow in your knowledge of LinkedIn, you can begin to develop content and become recognized as a thought leader. Once this happens, potential clients begin to reach out to you. Imagine that, a prospect reaching out to contact you. This is how you begin to build an inbound marketing program.

Today’s buyer is digitally active to succeed, you must also be digitally active and master these “digital platforms” especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 835 million users, 42.8% female, 57.2% male, 36% between the ages of 30 and 49, and 25% are senior level influencers.

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