Direct Marketing…And Why You Shouldn’t Count it Out

Is direct marketing dead? In the rush of social media, the focus has shifted to new e-campaigns. But in the midst of Twitter, Facebook and other social medias, don’t forget about the importance of direct marketing campaigns.

The social media market is saturated with brands, and it can make your company’s message get lost in the crowd. With everyone’s inbox on overload, your message may not be opened. One of the best strategies you can spend your money on is a multidimensional direct mail campaign. A well designed and effectively written message on a direct marketing piece will stand out from the hundreds of emails and tweets your customers see each day.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

             1. Develop a solid mailing list.

Check and double check its accuracy by having a printer run a NCOA report.

            2. Keep the message direct and simple, yet dynamic.

Don’t forget who your target is. Always keep your customers’ needs in mind, and make sure your piece is unique and clearly written.

            3. Integrate your direct marketing campaign with your other campaigns.

Man cannot live on bread alone. Don’t rely on one form of marketing for all of your communication strategies. A combination of direct marketing, social media, email campaigns, print, etc. will return the most results.

           4. Strive for a response.

Aim to generate a response from your campaign. Think of ways to create an ongoing conversation with your customer.

           5. Follow up is key.

It’s critical for your sales team to follow up particularly with prospects. Have them make a phone call to arrange a meeting or set up a lunch.

Check out one of our favorite direct mail campaigns for Progressive Medical that implements the above tips: 

“We believe that business and technology go together like peanut butter & jelly. Let us show you how…”
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