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Over the past several years, podcasts have quickly picked up steam and became a daily listen for millions of people around the world.  Podcasts are digital audio that is available on many platforms and covers almost any topic you are searching for.  Podcasts are appealing due to their on demand convenience of curated content that is typically binge worthy and people tend to listen while driving, exercising or doing almost anything.


In the B2B world, podcasts have been a very effective way for companies to share their expertise, along with having the ability to bring on expert guests to give their views and share their knowledge with listeners.  Building brand awareness and establishing thought leadership are two main pieces that podcasts can help bring to its listeners.  Furthermore, podcasts can make a company stand out over its competitors, and entice listeners to learn more about the company and possibly reach out.

The most successful podcasts have the unique ability to mesh education and entertainment for its audience. Having Q&A segments along with expert guest speakers elevates credibility and increases your audience base.  According to Edison Research, a national research organization working with Fortune 500 companies and government bodies, reported “An estimated 90 million, or nearly one-third (32 percent) listen monthly, up from 26 percent.  And 22 percent are weekly listeners, up from 17 percent. That’s an estimated 62 million weekly U.S. podcast listeners.”  With that being said, podcasts listeners are only increasing, and podcasts are in high demand with listeners wanting new content daily.  Surprisingly, podcasts are a relatively inexpensive investment to make for all of the listeners they attract. Equipment dependent, a good quality podcast will typically range from $200-$500 to create.

Our own Senior Account Manager, Kelly Scheer, stated,” Each day I spend over 2 hours in the car and need a way to fill my time with both education and entertainment. I love learning from marketing pioneers who combine data and creativity to bring brands to life in “Math & Magic with Bob Pittman”.  Looking to develop branded content in the audio space?  We can help determine if podcasts are a good fit for your company by zoning in on the right niche content for your audience, production, editing, strategic launch marketing and ongoing growth strategy.

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