Give a little, get a lot

With the calendar turning to December and the holiday season in full force, we are reminded of the many blessings in our lives. We look forward to spending meaningful time in the company of our families. We appreciate the opportunity to give back.

Unfortunately, many in this extended time of economic difficulty, are not able to be with their families. With so many out of work or suffering wage cuts and freezes, the holiday experience that they’ve grown accustomed to is no longer possible. Others in more extreme difficulty lack the basic resources to provide the necessary food and clothing to meet their needs.

These families need our help. And it’s not that hard to provide it. For years, Marketing Works has involved itself in the very rewarding practice of adopting a family for Christmas. Several organizations including faith-based groups, the East Columbus Community Development Corp., the Salvation Army and others, make these annual opportunities available. In most cases, organizations are provided the names of a family and the want lists of each member. On a voluntary basis, employees then shop for those items, which are presented to the families for the holiday. These items typically range from clothing and cookware to toys and reading materials for children.

In many cases, members of your organization can be present to deliver the gifts to the families involved and share in that moving experience. And it is moving.

As your organization moves forward, consider participating in one of these programs. We would be happy to help connect you to a program that fits your comfort level. Through that connection, we believe  you and your associates will be able to share in something special, learn more about one another and receive far more than you have given.

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