Healthcare Case Study: The Power of Content Marketing and Media Relations

When you receive medical treatment, you want the best of the best. The best doctor, the best nurses and the best equipment to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. And although it may not be the first thing that comes up during discussions of care, that includes intravenous therapy and catheters and how they are secured.

So when the company Linebacker, Inc. developed a specialized device called Linebacker, a secondary securement device that holds IV catheter tubing in place  as an alternative to tape,  it was looking to increase the product’s visibility among industry professionals and educate them on how patients would be better served.

Linebacker image

Their position was supported by industry statistics, and Dr. Gregory Schears of the Mayo Clinic wrote an independent white paper on the importance of secure catheter placement, citing that Linebacker has proven to be 260 percent stronger than one inch tape and 80 percent stronger than two inch tape.

Marketing Works recommended a strategy of content marketing and targeted media relations via print and online mediums in order to increase Linebacker’s visibility. Releasing Dr. Schears’ white paper with a download option and robust media outreach helped Linebacker to secure numerous qualified leads and gain exposure in top industry publications.  Click here to read an in-depth case study and learn more about the campaign’s success.

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