Healthcare Meeting of the Minds: A Forum for Healthcare Executives

With the ever-changing healthcare climate, providers’ resources are being pulled in two very different directions – compliance and culture.  For now, compliance with government regulations is the priority, but consumerism is rising, and thus the need for a major culture shift to not only effectively treat health issues, but to treat people right in order to earn their loyalty.IMG_1763 (3)

This was the topic discussed at Marketing Works’ recent Meeting of the Minds—a panel discussion about Healthcare in Transition: Moving Toward a Relationship-Based Model.  The highly interactive forum of healthcare CEOs, administrators, and strategists shared experiences and insights on legislation, trends, and relationship marketing.

The shift to being customer-centric has a lot to do with patients having a choice of where they go, who they see, and what they pay for services.  This choice stems from the rising out-of-pocket investment consumers have to pay as a result of high-deductible plans.

“Our legislators want their constituents to be able to shop for healthcare services,” said panelist Rick Frank, Sr Director of Government Affairs for the Ohio Hospital Association.  “Transparency about pricing, outcomes, and experience is being demanded.  Just like any other major expenditure a consumer makes, healthcare has to be accountable, or people will take their business elsewhere.”

Carrie Ghose, Healthcare Reporter for Business First shared headlines from around Central Ohio that support the consumerism movement.  She presented evidence that new facilities are being chosen the way retailers select their locations—based on growth and demographics with household incomes that support the ability to pay the higher costs of healthcare.  “For-profit urgent care centers and specialty hospitals have staked out their sites where their ideal consumers live and shop,” she said.  Carrie also pointed to startups and apps that arm consumers with information.  One app, Ardina, has launched a beta that guides consumers through the health care decisions, “just like AAA does for drivers.”

Marketing Works CEO, Sandra Fekete focused her presentation on the culture shift that has to occur to effectively make customers for life.  “Life is not a list of transactions,” she said. “It is a series of human experiences that determine how we feel about everything, including love and loyalty.” Whether we are buying groceries, a car, or a colonoscopy, the way we feel about the experience every step of the way determines whether we will make a repeat purchase AND what we tell our friends that influences their decisions.

Have you had any “consumer-focused” experiences at a doctor’s office? Will this trend continue in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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