How social media scores with the World Cup

People are connected now more than ever with the World Cup. Why, you ask? Two words: social media. The first World Cup during the age of social media, we all expected it to be the most-discussed topic on Twitter and Facebook. However, we didn’t expect it to set internet traffic world records:

 What is undeniable is that social media isn’t just used for keeping up with friends and fans, like footballers Kaka and Landon Donovan are doing. Rather, it is a major initiative for companies of all sizes. It’s a new age. 

For example, Sony has focused most of their marketing efforts on social media during the World Cup because the traffic numbers are huge. Here is what Sony is doing and how they’re doing it. A few other compelling social media campaigns we found are:

 ESPN created a separate website called 24/7 World Cup™ that solely focuses on social media coverage: they’re keeping us informed with blogs and interested with live fantasy games and contests!

 Adidas Football Facebook fan page states that “if you simply love football, you’re in for a treat. For all the serious players out there – we’re not just out to entertain you, we’ll make you a better footballer as well.” And right now 938,975 fans agree.

Visa has a YouTube channel displaying short videos surrounding the World Cup, not to mention over 4 million video views and counting.

 Clearly social media is not only here to stay, but will likely become a primary vehicle of communication for individuals and companies alike. The question is…how and where in the social media realm will your company score?

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