LinkedIn is an Asset

I rely on LinkedIn in my business. But recently I have become concerned about the quality of the connection requests I am receiving. I can’t count the times in the last several weeks I have accepted a connection request and received a message immediately – trying to sell me something.

No attempt was made to establish any type of relationship – or offer any value. If you are serious about your connections – you want to nurture them before making a sales pitch. Never go for an appointment in the first or second message. An immediate pitch is a turn-off.

There are two ways to approach LinkedIn:

  1. Those who only care about themselves
  2. And, those that care about their connections.

As a leader you want to coach your salespeople to develop a foundation for long-term success. LinkedIn is a valuable tool. The companies that follow the recommended best practice of “paying it forward” will build their own future success. With the help of our LinkedIn professionals, you can develop a team of high performers. If you want to lead your industry – don’t leave LinkedIn in the hands of your salespeople. Treat it as an asset and use professionals to build a solid foundation. Even to the point of setting up a scorecard to track your success. Don’t leave this to chance!

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