Marketing Works Team Spotlight: Stacy Wood

Stacy Wood HeadshotMarketing Works is proud to announce that Stacy Wood will be transitioning into the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Strategy is one of our stated differentiators. It’s who we are. “This is what makes Marketing Works unique,” says Wood. “We are not just looking to determine the right marketing plans for our clients. We are looking at the business inside and out to provide clarity on how they can move the success needle faster.”

As a leading B2B marketing firm, we strive to provide our clients with marketing strategies that are cohesive, purposeful and measured. We are living in an information-driven society that requires businesses to build their go-to market strategies by listening, understanding the market through data, and targeting the right audience at the right time, with the right message via the right channel. The addition of a CSO makes this achievable.

Stacy will lead both the internal strategic planning for Marketing Works and the external tactical development for the B2B firms’ clients. As CSO, she will provide insight and action on the following:

  • Internally serve as a resource to account teams to help them achieve maximum results for clients
  • Conduct strategic planning for marketing and business goals
  • Counsel clients on opportunities to grow their business
  • Align marketing initiatives with business objectives
  • Lead Net Promoter Score and other engagement initiatives

The transition of Stacy into the CSO role will allow Marketing Works to achieve our clients’ desired results based on how they define success. “Are they engaging with their audiences in the right way?” Stacy asks. “With our strategy focus, we help our clients maximize their marketing investment in order to get the best outcomes for their business.” Please contact Stacy at or by phone at 614.540.5520 to learn more!

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