Meeting of the Minds: Getting a Grip on Your Business

Are you running your business, or is your business running you? This is a question many business owners contemplate. Common frustrations include feeling a lack of control, profit (or lack thereof) or feeling like you’ve tried everything, but nothing is working.

During our Meeting of the Minds (MOM) event on December 13 held at The Refectory, our CEO and Professional EOS® Implementer Sandy Fekete led an interactive forum to help business owners plan for 2017 using tools from the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS).

Participants crystallized their 2017 goals in a one-page plan addressing vision, values, marketing strategy, 3-Year Picture, 1-year plan and first quarter priorities.

Sandy shared that if you master The Six Key Components, everything has a way of falling into place:pexels-photo

  1. Vision: Get everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.
  1. People: Put the right people in the right seats throughout the organization, because you can’t achieve a great vision without a great team.
  1. Data: Boil down weekly measurements to good, hard data in a scoresheet. A handful of numbers that you monitor weekly to get a pulse on your business, helping spot trends and patterns.
  1. Issues: Build the muscle of tackling issues and solving problems so they go away forever. Identify. Discuss. Solve. Once and for all.
  1. Process: Systematize your business by documenting the core processes. It’s your “way,” followed by all, resulting in consistency and scalability (i.e., more consistency, more profitability).
  1. Traction®: Bring vision down to the ground, make it real, and execute with discipline and accountability.  Vision without Traction is hallucination.

If you’re interested in introducing EOS to your leadership team, please contact Sandy at or call 614.582.6169 to schedule a 90-minute informational meeting.

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