One Team. One Goal. — Marketing Works’ Motivational Morale

Motivation is a vital element to boosting a team member’s work ethic. However,  it’s often easy to lose track of your employees’ motivation unless you pay close attention. So why not guarantee setting your team’s motivational drive high by helping each member set goals? And not just your goals, I’m talking about goals your team really wants to strive for … the goals that get people up in the morning and make them better at what they love to do.

Marketing Works’ CEO, Brenda Stier-Anstine, keeps the team in high motivational spirits with her One Team. One Goal. philosophy. As previously mentioned in last week’s post, Marketing Works likes to focus on recognizing the team’s good work by emphasizing “what we’re doing right” – both as a team and as individuals. With that in mind, Brenda motivates us to move forward as one team with one goal – to better the company AND each individual team member.

For the betterment of the company, it is important to have a motivational workforce that strives to continuously produce quality work. Brenda encourages us by setting the bar high, yet achievable, for a talented team. Each month, the team sets a goal we wish to achieve by the end of the month. The goal has to be both beneficial for us, to help better ourselves, and beneficial for the company. While it may seem like a typical motivational tactic, we make it fun with small incentives along the way and a “grand prize” drawing at the end of each 6-month period.

So here’s the takeaway from this blog post — the biggest factor that drives our One Team. One Goal. mentality is motivation.  Because that motivation comes from both our CEO and the rest of the team, we are able to maintain determined and focused.

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How does your company keep your team motivated to perform better? Please share your comments with us below!

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