Peaking Your Audience’s Pinterest

Pinterest is like the fine-tooth comb of the internet. Users can search for any keyword and expect the most relevant, visual results in return. So why not have your business show up amongst the others? Pinterest is a great way to increase your website traffic and gain interest from potential customers. Regardless of the nature of your business there are a many ways to share your brand around the web with the help of Pinterest. Even if your business is not a primarily visual one, there are still ways to utilize this social network through the use of relevant tools. Here are four ways you can use Pinterest to boost your business’ online visibility:

1. Increase your audience’s awareness.

If your business does not have much visual appeal online, this is an opportunity to inform your followers by sharing interesting facts and other relevant information. By increasing your followers’ awareness of your brand and services, it creates an immediacy to use your services. For example, if you are an automobile insurance company and you share an infographic showing how to save on insurance, it may encourage them to reconsider how much they are currently paying. This may also cause them to think of you first when they’re deciding whether to change providers.

2. Show the behind the scenes.

Pinterest is like a magazine, photos are what tend to encourage followers to repin to their boards. If your company is not visually based, this is a way to show what it’s like in your office. Pinterest gives you the opportunity to show pictures of your team and visuals that depict the benefits that your customers experience. When potential job candidates come across you business page, they can get a glimpse of how your company operates. This is also a good way to put a face and personality with your brand. You may also consider posting content like relevant witty comics.

3. Increase followership and website traffic.

Pinterest offers many opportunities for your business to be discovered. When someone repins something you also repinned, they will be encouraged to view your board as well.  It is important to have your boards organized, and to find posts that pop. The cleaner your board is, the easier it is for users to navigate. It is crucial to link your pins back to your website so users can quickly access your site, which will increase your website traffic.

4. Use Pinterest to collaborate with others.

Pinterest is all about posting valuable content that caught your attention in hopes that it’ll catch the attention of your followers as well. It is a great way to find innovative ideas about your industry as well as provide others with methods you found were successful.

The best way to understand Pinterest is just to explore. After navigating through boards upon boards, you can start to get an idea of how it works and what people respond to and you can start a board of your own.  Happy Pinning!

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