Protecting your company’s social media

Social media has become an effective marketing tool for companies across the world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks are all tools that offer companies a unique opportunity to share their brand and what they do with consumers.

But, how well do you know who is looking at your social networks?

The information companies post on their profiles is visible to everyone. Companies, just like individuals, should always be conscious of what they post online.

Anyone who looks at a company’s social media can potentially use data mining to identify trends. ‘Data mining’ used to search through information using several techniques to find patterns and detect relationships.

Mashable gives three tips on what your company should be posting on its social networks.

One, do you want to be public or private? If you are public, make sure to be truthful and avoid jokes that could be taken seriously.

Next, only allow valuable people and site to be included in your network. Avoid those that you do not need or who would not benefit your site.

Finally, be aware of your friends, connections and who is following you. It is important to know both their background and site information before you connect with them.

It is always important for anyone using social media to be aware of what they are sharing and who is being exposed to that content. Social media is a great way for your business to connect, but make sure you protect your business and privacy!

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