Voila! The Importance of Editing

Posted by admin • January 25, 2012

A typo or grammatical error can greatly devalue the professionalism of a brand. Who can forget the media fiasco around Old Navy’s misspelled t-shirt? Discussion and commentary blanketed the social space for days, calling out the missing apostrophe. More recently on a popular design blog the classic explanation “Voila!” was spelled phonetically as “Wala!” Although… Read More

Pitch Comes Before Release

Posted by admin • March 19, 2010

In the world of public relations, press releases are one of the most common ways to communicate news to media. Press releases are normally written and directed to various media outlets, including newspapers, television and online—now the most popular of them all. The purpose of a release is to inform the public of a noteworthy… Read More

Marketing Works Launches New Web Site

Posted by admin • January 7, 2008

The Marketing Works team is pleased to announce the launch of our new Web site! A few of the new features include: In-depth case studies Client log-in New photography and design Newsroom We hope you enjoy!