The Halfway Point of My Marketing Works Journey

bull2 score and 17 days ago, I embarked on my journey aboard the S.S. Marketing Works, and I am currently a little over halfway through my voyage. I have only been here 7 weeks and I’ve already conquered a mechanical bull (picture at right), attended my first wedding shower, and learned how to make a fantastic pot of coffee.

Throughout my first six weeks, I’ve learned a lot about the industry, and a lot about myself. Here are some tips I have from my experiences thus far:

Jump in head first and be vocal:

In my short time, I have participated in almost every aspect of the business of Marketing Works. I have found some things that I really like, and some things that I don’t like as much. However, none of this is possible without letting people know what you enjoy and what you don’t. I am constantly reminded to be vocal, participate, and let people know what I am thinking, and that is a skill I will carry with me through any profession. Whether it‘s riding a mechanical bull or writing a case study, go for it!

Learn how to best organize yourself:

This tip is not just for an intern, it is for any working professional. There are many methods of organization, and every person organizes themselves differently. I have learned that organization is hugely important, especially in an agency atmosphere where there are always several projects happening at once and your daily schedule can be extremely unpredictable. Organization, even my favorite method of organized chaos, can be the difference between success and failure.

Be prepared for anything:

As mentioned earlier, your daily schedule in an agency can be extremely unpredictable, and it is integral to be ready for anything. On top of that, I’ve found that it is extremely important to prepare yourself for every meeting and brainstorm, and a lot more will be accomplished. If everyone comes prepared with ideas, solution or whatever else is needed, the meeting process will be significantly smoother.

Be yourself, and enjoy it:

Obviously, everyone has a job to do, and you need to do it well. But don’t let the stress of a job or project keep you from being yourself. You’ll never reach your full potential if you’re putting on a facade. Jump into any project with an open mind and enjoy yourself while absorbing as much information as possible.

I can’t believe my internship is halfway over, and I’m eager to see what else I will learn and experience over the next several weeks.

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