We’re ESFJ!


Your company has a personality. Say, what? It’s true! Every organization has a preferred way they tend to focus, collect information, make decisions and work – all of the components needed to determine a personality.

Sandy Fekete, CEO of Marketing Works, developed Companies Are People, Too (CAP2), an assessment that measures a company’s personality traits and compiles the results in a useful profile of their culture.

Every so often the entire Marketing Works team takes the CAP2 organizational assessment. Based on each person’s experience working with the company, we are able to see how we could most effectively be running our business and serving our employees and clients. What we found out is we’re an ESFJ, or in organizational personality terms, we have a “Doing the Right Thing” culture. So, what does this mean? Let’s explain.

Here’s a quick overview of our results. As a company, we:

  • Make decisions based on values and their impact on people
  • Focus on information that is factual, real and current
  • Tend to have an element of “family” to our culture
  • Prefer a structured, organized and planned environment
  • Have a strong emphasis on customer service, radiating a gracious attitude that attracts a high level of trust
  • Strive to meet people’s needs

What’s so special about this? Well, “Doing the Right Thing” is one of our four core values: We get it. We do what it takes. We do the right thing. We care.  Further, our core purpose is to “Be a Conduit to Success” for everyone we touch. It’s rewarding to see that we truly are living our values and it’s reflected in our company’s personality.

The CAP2 assessment has been a great and rewarding tool for our company. We’ll continue to reassess because our company is continually changing, and this will help us serve our clients and employees better.

Curious to know the personality type of your company? Here’s a link for you to take the assessment free of charge for your own company.

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