Why Celebrating Success Matters

Marketing Works is all about being a conduit of success to everyone we touch.  We take all successes seriously, big and small. Whether it’s gaining a new client or receiving an award, a little praise can go a long way. Celebrating success is something organizations should do more often, and here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Reminds you of the goal
  2. Motivation
  3. Improves relationships

Reminds you of the goal. Celebrating success is a good reminder of why the goal was placed there in the first place. It’s great to celebrate completions because it gives meaning to the project. If there’s no reward after all of your hard work, then there’s no purpose to finishing it. This doesn’t have to be a monetary reward. A simple recognition of the completion is just as acceptable as opening a bottle of champagne. If your successes go unnoticed, it may be time to add some recognition to your routine.

Motivation. Experiencing success is a great motivator because it acts as fuel for you to keep on going. The more success you have the more motivated you’ll be. Our workloads are heavy at times, so instead of thinking about how much we still have to complete, we think about how much we’ve accomplished.

Improves relationships. It goes without saying that you’ll have better relationships with people that genuinely know you’re happy for them and are willing to support them no matter what the success. It’s a cyclical habit. If you feel good after completing a task, chances are you’ll want to share that feeling with others. When someone else has a success you’ll want to acknowledge it, too. If you’re celebrating as a group, schedule a time to go over your successes because it’ll reinforce the importance of teamwork.

It’s no doubt celebrating success goes a long way. Whether it’s a verbal ‘great job!’ or taking the whole team out to lunch, it creates a healthy working environment, and it motivates everyone to get their work done. There’s no formula on how to celebrate certain successes or even when. Whatever you feel is right for your organization or a certain person, go with it and see where it takes the people you work with.

Does your organization celebrate successes? Do you think they do it enough? Let us know by telling us in the comments!

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