Winning the Social Media Game: Part 3

In the world of social media, creating a presence and protecting your brand are extremely important, but they are only part of the overall strategy. An often overlooked component of social media is measuring the impact it has on your business as a whole. In our previous posts, we shared tips for entering the realm of social media as well as advice on how to proactively manage your brand online. Now we turn to how to measure the results of your social media. In this third and final installment of the series, we show you how to interpret the results of your social media involvement.

1. Set benchmarks

-Create and refine clear objectives that offer something to measure against.

 2. Examine results by audience

-Focus on interaction between social media and the audience, not just the number of people who visited your page.

 3. Utilize social media measurement tools

-There are many great tools available to make measuring social media impact easy. Try Technorati, Google Trends, Social Mention, or Back Tweets to get started.

 4. Compare the results to your original goals

-Determine what strategies work best for your audience and continue to use them.

-Verify what approaches did not work and find alternative ways to reach the audience.

-Refine objectives as needed and ensure they align with your marketing objectives.

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