Grow Sales with the Lead Generation “Machine”

Many companies suffer from unpredictable sales. And, as sales begin to slow, management invariably begins to focus on the bottom of the sales funnel. But the fact is, they’re looking in the wrong place.

Problems at the bottom of the funnel almost always start at the top with poor quality leads, unpredictable lead flow, or not having enough leads are usually the culprit. However, problems can also stem from a failure to follow-up on leads from marketing in a timely manner. Quickly reacting to and nurturing leads, along with identifying those that match the ideal prospect, will ultimately result in a higher conversion rate.

Just as important as the financial process of a company is, lead generation should also be managed as a key operational process. The objective must be to build a lead generation machine that produces a predictable and repeatable flow of opportunities week after week. If you don’t have your “machine’ in place – you need to rethink your process and make it a priority, which in turn will help to smooth your cash flow.

Aligning marketing and sales is a key piece in building this machine. While marketing is a broad topic, at Marketing Works we are focused on using marketing to drive sales and maximize your investment in your marketing initiatives by turning the dollars invested in marketing into sales.

To learn more about how we can help your company get your ‘machine’ in place, contact our President, Bill Kiefaber at or call 614.540.5520.


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