Market to Your Market

We have compiled a list of helpful resources to help you create the marketing plan that suits your company and your clients. The resources listed range from books and newsletters to blogs and videos. Whether you’re having a calm day at your desk or running errands for your business, these resources are aptly available. There is a plethora of great information to fill any need you might have. The selected resources break down concepts like differing marketing tactics, what elements appeal to potential clients, how to use social media to reach a broader market, and many more valuable topics.

When determining the best steps for your business, resources like The Marketer’s Playbook, a newsletter authored by the seasoned marketer Cory Dobbins, can be a game-changer. Focused on digital ad campaigns and the intricacies businesses face when using them, The Marketer’s Playbook is a must-have. As Cory himself shares in his Twitter bio, he is “sharing everything I know about marketing,” instilling confidence in the depth of knowledge you can expect.

Marketing can seem like a boundless task, and as avenues, such as social media, grow, they only become more elaborate. Fortunately, a website provides the ins and outs of using social media as a marketing tool: Social Media Today. Social media is a constant in most people’s lives, but its associated trends change frequently. Social Media Today has everything you need to know about current trends, the latest news, and tricks to make using social media easy. What social media website would be complete without a buzzing social media platform? Consider joining the community by following Social Media Today on Facebook.

Many companies are fast-paced and have a lot to do. If you’re the kind of person who’s always up and moving, a notable resource for you would be a podcast. A New Angle is a podcast/radio program that covers current affairs. The host, Justin Angle, is a University of Montana College of Business professor. While the podcast highlights varying topics, Justin grounds the conversation in marketing and branding.  

Having all the information you need in one place can be incredibly helpful. Robert Rose’s book Content Marketing Strategy is a worthwhile read. Rose explores everything from building the right team to sending a consistent message/tone. He also includes information about what top-performing brands are doing to get their content to the right people and how they have achieved success.

Although the resources highlighted above are lovely, there are still plenty more to consider on the list we created. There will be a resource to help you tackle any challenge you encounter.

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