Marketing Culture, Inside and Out

If you’re interested in finding new ways to tell your company’s story, a video on company culture can be a fun way to project your company environment in a way that you can easily control. It allows recruiters to learn what it’s like to work in your company and potential prospects to get a stronger sense of the culture.

Kids II, an inventor of toys for babies and children, is a great example. In their video below they discuss what working there means to them, and the type of environment that they work to achieve. They repeatedly mentioned creativity, encouragement, and a family atmosphere all as vital to their success. The video itself includes employee testimonials from all different areas of the company, along with shots of them interacting with each other in the office and outside of work.

A company culture video is a huge benefit in two ways:

1.       Attracts Recruiting Interest

The most straightforward way a company can benefit from making a video is generating positive recruiting buzz. Not only will it differentiate you from the competition, but future job hunters may decide they just need to work for your company after watching a video that highlights the aspects of your culture that you’re most proud of.

2.       Connects with customers

Usually company culture videos are focused on attracting potential new hires, but they also allow for companies to connect with their customer base in a unique way. They can see the people that are behind the product, hopefully allowing them to feel more connected to the brand. It lends itself to a feeling of loyalty as well, when customers can relate to a company’s employees.

Here’s a post from the SmartRecruiters website with eight different examples of company culture including videos from Twitter, Sea Breeze, and Shopify. Of course, the key to an excellent company culture video is showcasing your brand’s personality. If your office is relaxed and casual, it doesn’t make sense to shoot everyone wearing suits and ties and speaking formally into the camera.

Here are two more examples of great company culture videos from Eventbrite and Custom Made.

What do you think is the most important thing to relay in a company culture video? Let us know in the comments!

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