MW-360 Pulse: Your Path to a Better Strategy

Marketing Works believes your goals can best be met if a cohesive, outcomes-focused strategy is put into place. Our proven and proprietary MW-360° IDEA process does just that by combining research, best practices and strategic thinking to build a clearly defined approach based on your definition of success.

We invite you the opportunity to see this proven approach in action for yourself by offering a complimentary condensed version – the MW-360° Pulse. As a conduit of success for everyone we touch, this is truly our way as making an investment in your organization and our ultimate relationship with you.

MW-360 IDEA Process

Introducing MW-360 Pulse

The MW-360° Pulse is a baseline assessment of your marketing and sales initiatives. During a two-hour session, we’ll learn what success means to you. We’ll then collaborate with you to uncover potential gaps in your marketing strategy while brainstorming opportunities that will accelerate your ultimate success. After the session, our experienced team of strategists and marketers will provide actionable insights on getting the most from your marketing and sales intiatives.


We meet with members of your marketing and sales team and, if appropriate, a divisional leader or other executive for two hours for an interactive discussion on the following:

  • Success barometer – how do you define success
  • Organizational overview – current state, review of value proposition, offerings
  • Target markets – ideal and current clients;  current and desired market perceptions
  • Competitive assessment – top tier competitors and your competitive differentiators
  • Issues and trends assessment
  • Marketing/sales mix to reach desired goals

The final deliverable is a multiple page assessment offering high level findings and actionable recommendations.


Once scheduled, the assessment takes approximately two to three weeks to complete and present the findings.


  • Assess if your marketing strategy aligns with organizational goals
  • Gain insight into new opportunities to move the needle
  • Uncover potential barriers to achieving your goals
  • Receive consultative insight from a team of marketing experts
  • Mitigate risk in choosing a potential marketing partner


A $4,000 investment by Marketing Works to provide actionable recommendations that will drive your business forward.

Please contact Bill Kiefaber at 614.540.5520 or email us at for more information and to schedule your MW-360° Pulse.

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