Seasoned Marketer Joins Marketing Works

When Cathy joined us, we were blessed with two amazing team members. Buddy also joins us at the office on occasion.

Cathy Cole, a seasoned marketing and communication professional, joined Marketing Works as our director of Client Services.

In this role, Cole will ensure our clients receive the top-notch service and support they have come to expect.

An integrated B2B agency of strategists and execution specialists, Marketing Works is outcome-driven, strategy-focused and values-based. We align your marketing initiatives with business goals, generating results based on how you define success. Our core values are deliberate, simple, and impactful. They guide our every action, serving as a framework for daily decisions that determine our approach, behavior, and treatment of one another.

  • We get it.
  • We do what it takes.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We care.

Cathy will help us continue to make connections that move individuals and organizations forward, regardless of the benefit to the firm. She always approaches her work with a business mindset, which is a great fit for our clients and how we always lead with strategy.

Cathy is an accomplished marketing professional with more than 35 years of experience in creating, developing and executing award-winning marketing, communication, media and public relations campaigns, which increased enrollment, brand awareness and friend- and fund-raising by double-digits at several institutions of higher education. Fun fact: she is the author of three non-fiction books, Creepy Colleges and Haunted UniversitiesHaunted Florida and True Crime: Florida. She looks forward to working with our clients to build their brands, strategy, marketing and communication while providing quality service with every interaction.

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