Strategic Planning for a Successful Public Awareness Campaign

Posted by Bill Kiefaber • April 22, 2013

The energy industry, comprised of renewable, solar power, sustainable and solar and wind power, is constantly changing and developing. Public support continues to have a major impact in generating movements and staying relevant within the market. In a time of financial pressures and tough market conditions, renewable energy in particular relies on awareness to sustain.… Read More

Social Networking in the Energy Industry

Posted by Bill Kiefaber • March 22, 2013

Social media can be intimidating. It can even be a challenge for some companies. You might find yourself thinking you don’t have anything interesting to say and no one will like/follow your page. You might question your ability to stay consistent and post the right things.  A social media policy will answer these questions. Here’s… Read More

Design-Build Saves You Time and Money. But Can You Say it?

Posted by Mworks740 • February 21, 2013

Whether it’s building a gas processing plant, interstate highway or bridge, water pump station or running miles of above ground or sub aqueous pipeline and cable, having a single partner provide designs and construction services to you, as an owner, can be monumentally helpful. Design-build, a method of project delivery, is becoming one of the… Read More