5 Tips on Timing to Keep in Mind with Social Media

Posted by Mworks740 • July 3, 2014

It’s easy to get excited about an article, creating the desire to post it on social media as soon as you find it. But keep in mind, timing is everything. If you want to reach the widest range of followers with your posts, it is important to pay attention to what time you are posting… Read More

Peaking Your Audience’s Pinterest

Posted by Mworks740 • June 30, 2014

Pinterest is like the fine-tooth comb of the internet. Users can search for any keyword and expect the most relevant, visual results in return. So why not have your business show up amongst the others? Pinterest is a great way to increase your website traffic and gain interest from potential customers. Regardless of the nature… Read More

Using Social Media for a Product Launch

Posted by Mworks740 • March 6, 2014

Social media is used for many purposes — sharing relevant industry information, having discussions with your clients or customers and general promotion of your products and services. But have you ever thought of using social media before your business even opens? Well before the release of a product or opening of a business is the… Read More