5 Twitter Practices to Adopt

Posted by Mworks740 • June 2, 2014

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Currently there are 500 million tweets sent out per day from 255 million active users. 78 percent of these users have the Twitter app on their mobile. Is your business using Twitter to its full advantage? Here are 5 ways to improve… Read More

3 Noteworthy Twitter Trends & Where It’s Headed

Posted by Mworks740 • February 20, 2014

Twitter is one social media channel that is not going away any time soon. After all, the hashtag first originated on Twitter and is now widely used on other social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. When you see commercials on TV, how often do you notice a hashtag in either the top or… Read More

How to Use Twitter Like a Marketing Pro

Posted by Mworks740 • January 6, 2014

Twitter can be a great tool to build brand awareness and reach out to your target audience. But sometimes you may find yourself frustrated with lackluster results. Currently, four out of five marketers are using Twitter, which means you’re not the only one working to promote your brand. And although writing a popular tweet is… Read More

What Happens When Your Twitter Chat Turns Sour? 3 Crisis Communications Tips

Posted by Mworks740 • November 18, 2013

Twitter chats are a great way for a brand to engage with their audience. However, a recent Twitter chat from JPMorgan Chase ended before it even began when Twitter followers used their #AskJPM hashtag to endlessly ridicule and mock the Wall Street bank. They announced their chat in the morning and decided to cancel it… Read More

Twitter Retweet Best Practices in Four Easy Steps

Posted by Melissa H. • March 14, 2012

RT @HubSpot- great article on how to retweet correctly (insert link here). There are lots of informative tweets on Twitter these days that we want to share with our followers. But, there is a right way and a wrong way to retweet. I know that retweet icon makes it quick and easy to retweet something,… Read More