Turn Conversations into Customers – Part 2

Last week in the first of this two-part series about turning conversations into customers, we talked about the importance of having a strategy to drive lead generation for your company. We outlined some of the key components you need, including the four pillars of LinkedIn marketing to reach your target audiences by doing the right thing at the right time.

Today, we take a closer look at the four pillars and how you can use them to build your lead pool, generate conversations, and ultimately, turn those conversations into customers.

The goal associated with each of the four pillars is to generate more leads, have more sales conversations and close more prospects, which will result in increased revenue. By simply integrating and leveraging the four pillars you will:

  1. Have a focused approach for more consistent growth
  2. Have a full pipeline
  3. Create structure that will eliminate the guesswork of knowing what to do each day
  4. Market more effectively
  5. Maximize your ROI

Pillar #1: The Right Profile (Credibility)
This is all about positioning and branding. An expertly written profile is key to connecting and building relationships with your ideal client. Your profile must tell your brand story in a way that speaks to your prospects’ challenges and in a way that gives them hope. The right LinkedIn profile is more powerful than your website. It’s crucial that it be done right. If you don’t create the “know,” “like,” and “trust” factor, they will never buy from you.

Pillar #2: The Right People (Connection)
You need to know who your ideal prospects are, so you are establishing relevant connections. And it’s important that you target and personalize in a way that entices them to respond and accept your invitation to connect. Make sure you’re speaking to the people who need your services. Don’t waste time chasing those who aren’t interested or don’t have the budget.

Pillar #3: The Right Message (Conversion)
Messaging is about relevance, psychology, timing, and delivery. You want to speak to people on the deep, personalized level so they see you as a solution to their problem(s). This will help drive lead generation and ultimately sales.

Pillar #4: The Right Content (Community)
Creating and sharing high-quality, targeted, relevant content puts power and effectiveness to your LinkedIn lead generation efforts. It is the way you increase your trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of your ideal prospects. When you position yourself as an authority and use content to strengthen your reputation, it’s an effective way to nurture the prospects who haven’t said yes – yet!

If you have been struggling with your lead generation efforts and are ready to try a different approach, contact Bill Kiefaber at 614.353.5563 or bill@marketingworks360.com to schedule a time to talk about your needs.

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